Manga artist Aki Katsu launched a new manga titled 3 Partner Hajimemashita!! (We started 3 partnership!!) on Shogakukan‘s “e Big Comic 4” website on December 7. The next chapter will be available on January 4.

3 Partner Hajimemashita!! is about a love between three people, in particular a woman who marries two men. Katsu explained in a comment that his intent was to portray a different form of love than what appears in his Futari Hmanga. (“Futari” means “two people.”)

Katsu (Psychic AcademyThe Vision of Escaflowne) has been drawingFutari H (Manga Sutra), which describes itself as a “love bible” or a “user’s manual” for people in love, in Young Animal and Young Animal Arashi since 1997. The manga inspiredtwo original video anime (OVA) series in 2002 and 2014. Hakusensha published the manga’s 76th compiled book volume on July 27, and will publish the 77th volume on December 26.

Katsu launched a spinoff manga titled Futari H Another on Hakusensha‘s new Harem manga website on November 29.

Source: e Big Comic 4

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