Eat Severed Fingers at the New Tokyo Ghoul Cafe

For a memorable meal, visit the new Tokyo Ghoul-themed cafe, where the menu includes delicacies like severed fingers and eyeballs.

Tokyo Ghoul Cafe

Image of “Amon’s Kakeage Udon” and “Hinami’s Hamburger Steak,” two main dishes from the Tokyo Ghoul Cafe. The Guest Cafe and Diner.

Tokyo residents who visit the Guest Cafe and Diner later this month will find some rather… ghoulish items on the menu. To promote the upcoming live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie coming out in July, the Ikebukuro diner is temporarily transforming into the Tokyo Ghoul Cafe.

The Tokyo Ghoul Cafe will display artwork from the anime and costumes from the film, but the changes are more than merely cosmetic. Visitors will also be treated to a menu of goodies themed around the anime. Some main dishes offer creative culinary takes on the show’s characters, like “Kaneki’s One-Eyed Curry,” which is modeled after the protagonist’s red and black eye, and “Hinami’s Hamburger Steak,” which comes with sausages that look like severed fingers and a sauce that looks remarkably like blood splatter. Others are recreations of meals from the series, including “Amon’s Kakeage Udon” and the mysterious aptly named the “Can You Really Eat it…. Burger?”

Dessert consists of some character-themed parfaits and drinks which come with artwork of their respective characters. All this is served on a Tokyo Ghoul placemat. If you still haven’t had enough Ghoul, an attached shop will stock Tokyo Ghoul merchendise.

The anime-themed cafe will be open from May 27 until June 28.

Source: The Guest Cafe and Diner, hat tip Rocketnews24 and Itmedia.

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