Ike From South Park Watches Naruto & Googles Yuri!!! on Ice

Who knew that Ike is actually really into Yaoi.

South Park has been no stranger to dalliances with anime in the past. They’ve parodied Pokemon in third season highlight ‘Chinpokomon’, referenced Akira in the episode ‘Trapper Keeper’, and most recently lampooned political correctness by utilizing Yaoi art in ‘Tweek x Craig’.

We’re kind of scratching our heads on this one though. Where exactly is the joke? Could this actually just be a straight up a shoutout to anime?

A couple of hours ago, Crunchyroll tweeted out a video of the 20th Season Finale which shows Ike’s mom Sheila scrolling through his internet history. If you blink you’ll miss it, but here’s a screenshot from Twitter user @SpeedyDonut which shows Ike having watched Naruto on Crunchyroll, and searching for Yuuri on Ice!!! on Google.

yuuri on ice naruto southpark

Kind of cool for fans of anime.

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