Love Live! Arcade Game Bug Causes Major ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’

A bug in the Love Live! School Idol Festival: After School Activity Next Stage arcade game renders the characters nude. Players have also complained of server issues and about characters sometimes appearing headless.

Although the bugs did not appear to affect every game machine, the problems have been widespread enough to become viral (NSFW link) on Twitter. The game service has temporarily been suspended in light of the issues.

Video below contains Barbie doll-esque nudity but is still probably NSFW

Love Live! School Idol Festival‘s official Twitter account announced that the game is undergoing “urgent maintenance” and have apologized for the inconvenience caused to players.

In an update on Friday, Love Live! School Idol Festival‘s Twitter account said that they have ascertained the causes behind the server and game issues and are currently working on a solution, but the issues will be difficult to resolve in a single day. The team cannot announce yet when the game service will restart, but promises to keep fans regularly updated.

In the meantime, however, the bug has become a joke on Japanese Twitter, and many players are apparently more amused than offended. The first response to the maintenance announcement on Twitter reads: “Sorry, can the maintenance please wait for a bit?”

The arcade music rhythm game launched in Japanese arcades on Thursday. Love Live! School Idol Festival was originally released as a smartphone game developed by KLabGames and published by BushiroadSquare Enixdeveloped and published the arcade version.

Source: Kotaku (NSFW link)

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