Rid Japan of ghoul attacks in Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters on Steam!

The ultimate ghost-busting adventure is finally here! Explore Tokyo with unparalleled interactivity in the most innovative visual novel in years.

The long wait is over as groundbreaking visual novel Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs finally explodes onto Steam, with a massive launch week discount available to early adopters.

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The adventure casts you as a new student at Shinjuku’s Kurenai Academy, who’s swept up into a frantic world of ghost chasing and exorcising on his opening day of school. Recruited into the top-secret Gate Keepers organization there and then, you’re hurled head-first into 13 exciting episodes that follow the spectre-squashing squad while they track down and vanquish the demons haunting Japan’s capital.

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

It’s a journey without equal, thanks largely to the unique Sensory Input System. By mastering your different emotions and five core senses, you’re able to react to every single situation in a variety of ways to help shape relationships. For example, choosing Friendship and Touch may lead to a handshake, while Sadness and Sight will lend you a sympathetic gaze. On the flipside, you can engage in more absurd behaviour, such as combining Love with Smell or maybe Anger with Listen, leading to hilarious and/or horrendous situations. Dare you lick a ghost!? The story hinges on what you do – and don’t – do…

And the rollercoaster ride doesn’t end there. When the ghosts do attack it’s up to you to reintroduce them to the afterlife courtesy of thrilling strategic battles. By equipping gear, anticipating moves, setting traps and cornering the ghastly foes, your battles with Tokyo’s malevolent spirits are always intense. Between these hands-on, grid-based battles and the twisting, multi-path story, Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs is a visual novel without equal, and the most essential new Steam release of the year for all anime fans!

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

Don’t miss Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs – and hurry to take advantage of the bonus 20% discount to celebrate the Steam launch week!

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