The Justice League Get Anime-fied For New Manga Series

Ever wonder what Wonder Woman would look like if she were created in Japan? Now you know, thanks to a new manga series which turns Justice League heroes into their anime style alter-egos.

Batman and the Justice League Shiori Teshirogi

Promotional image via @Press. DC Comics.

Japanese anime and American comics have vastly different styles, but a new collaboration will bring the two closer together. DC Comics has teamed up with artist Shiori Teshirogi for the special edition series Batman and the Justice League. The manga features anime-styled Justice League heroes fighting to protect Gotham City from a group of villains with the Joker at the helm.

The artwork is a wonderful blend of American and Japanese styles, with anime faces and backgrounds meeting American comic ripped bodies and page panels. The result is a manga with hints of the West and an overall style that’s sure to please fans from either side of the world.

This is not the first time American heroes got the anime treatment. Previous American anime attempts have had varied results, and included titles like the Batman: Gotham Knight anthology, and the upcoming Marvel Future Avengers. Something is always bound to be lost when translating well-known characters for a different visual style and audience, but it looks like, at least stylistically, the new Justice League manga gets it right.

Batman and the Justice League is serialized in Akita Shoten’s monthly Champion Redmanga publication, with the first installment released on June 19.

Source: Rocket News via @Press.

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